Coordination meeting of specialized workgroups of UNESCO Chair on ‎Environmental Education in Islamic Republic of Iran for establishment of national online environmental education network

UNESCO Chair on Environmental Education in Islamic Republic of Iran seeks to pursue the ‎following objectives through research, educational and cultural approach: ‎

  • Enhancement of national and international status of environmental education through ‎Communicating between academics, local and civil communities, decision-makers and ‎researchers to create innovative ways of education and sharing information and ‎knowledge regarding Environmental Education, ‎
  • Development and promotion of environmental culture
  • Enhancement of the public participation in environment protection ‎
  • Promotion of environmental literacy in form awareness raising, change of attitude and ‎environmental behaviors of citizens.‎
  • Promotion of Islamic-Iranian approach in the field of environmental education ‎


In October 2018, UNESCO Chair on Environmental Education in Islamic Republic of Iran held ‎several meetings regarding running national online environmental education network with ‎participation of different educational workgroups of the chair such as waste management, ‎climate change, HSEE, carbon management, green business, participatory environmental ‎protection, green management, religions and environmental education, women and ‎environmental education, environmental education through toys and games, energy, environmental pollutions, water management, citizenship and ‎environmental education, Startup and innovative ideas regarding environmental education and ‎ecotourism. In these meetings determined all mentioned workgroups should: ‎

  • Identify various audiences, needs and expectations of learners, developing learning ‎goals and objectives, identifying instructional strategies, creating educational contents, ‎implementing and evaluating the impact of their training and educational activities.‎
  • ‎Collaboration with national and international institutions, specialized research and ‎development organizations, NGOs and environmental researchers.‎
  • ‎‎Publication of scientific articles, books, newsletters and providing electronic content ‎
  • ‎‎Presentation of educational and research projects based on demand and supply in ‎various environmental topics. ‎
  • ‎‎Holding lectures, seminars and conferences on environmental education.‎
  • ‎‎Providing encyclopedia in environmental education
  • ‎Establishment of exhibitions, festivals and environmental events related to the activities ‎of national environmental education network. ‎